Personalized Tag Keychain
Personalized Tag Keychain

Personalized Tag Keychain

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For each time you buy a Personalized Tag Keychain from us, you are giving one meal and 50oz (1.5L) of water to our children in Yemen.85,000 children in Yemen have starved to death: Save the Children report -  ABC News

As COVID-19 Spreads Globally, Yemen continues to face the world's largest humanitarian crisis. Years of fighting have decimated the health care system, and millions of families live in champed areas without access to proper hygiene, water, and sanitation-conditions that will make the coronavirus extremely difficult to contain.

Once your donation is completed, you can send us your Name(s) and Phone number for your Personalized Tag Keychain by clicking HERE

Otherwise, we will contact your main email address from checkout. In case, we don't have any response from you, we will automatically use the First name and Phone number from "checkout" for your Personalized Tag Keychain.

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